The mission of Feed from Food S.r.l (SB) is to introduce technological innovation and organizational restructuring for the management and recovery of food surplus and waste in different sectors of the agri-food chain.

The main goal is to save food products characterized by high qualitative and nutritional characteristics from the disposal as waste. For this reasons Feed from Food consist of an innovative system and technology able to collect food surplus and waste generated by agrifood supply chain through a safe and controlled procedures.

The output coming from the new technology (developed with the industrial partner Norwegian: Waister S.r.l) is a final product with high nutritional quality, in accordance with food and feed safety aspects required by the EU legal framework. The final product can be used as feed (ingredient and/or pet food and/or snack) for pet animals.


We are a strategic multidisciplinary group providing intelligence and technical know-how to transform food waste into a resource!

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Marta CastricaCo-founder & CEO
Feed From Food s.r.l (SB)
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Claudia M. BalzarettiCo-founder & Chairman
Feed From Food s.r.l (SB)
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Vera VenturaCo-founder & R&D Manager
Feed From Food s.r.l (SB)
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Giovanni FerrazziCo-founder & R&D Manager
Feed From Food s.r.l (SB)
Francesco MarconiPartner/External Consultant Andersen Tax & legal
Feed From Food s.r.l (SB)
Emiliana BrognoliShareholder and Commercial & Business Development Manager
Feed From Food s.r.l (SB)
Marina MessinaShareholder and Logistic Manager
Feed From Food s.r.l (SB)
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Pasquale RomanoShareholder and Marketing & Communication ManagerFeed From Food s.r.l (SB)

technology partner

The technology partner supports the Feed from Food team in the realization and the daily implementation of the technology.

Develop and implement sustainable cleantech solutions for businesses, enable new revenue streams and create a positive impact on the environment.


Feed from Food creates valuable resources:


Pet food ingredient




Pet snacks

Composting or landfill diversion is not the only benefit of Feed from Food innovative solution.
The pet food ingredient produced using the Feed from Food process is environmental and social sustainable.
Moreover, represents today a new protein resource.


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